How a mobile, on-demand job platform, created a mobile app and used design elements to simplify the job search, recruiting, and application process.

The future of work redesigned

Zenjob is a mobile, on-demand job platform app that connects people looking for temporary work with flexible, part-time jobs in industries ranging from retail to gastronomy and warehouse logistics. The Zenjob team reached out to Goodpatch to design and develop a mobile app. Our goal was to simplify the job search, recruiting, and application process.

One job platform to rule them all

As a part of the Goodpatch design process, our designers and developers worked hand in hand with the Zenjob team, to ensure that everyone shared the product vision. We had the challenge of creating an in-app registration and application process that felt short and intuitive. We cleared out the unnecessary questions, steps, and clicks and made remaining interactions fun, with custom illustrations and animations.

hr tech app design detail screens

The job search made easy

We moved very quickly from low res to high res prototypes. For this, we developed a visual library that included all possible UI elements based on the overall product vision, with native behavior on each platform.

We defined an overall structure that simplified each part of the job platform and created a visual hierarchy of the most critical tasks in the app. Now, the user can browse through new job offers and apply for each with one tap. In the other tap, the user can locate, rate, and manage the job applications. The user-friendly platform significantly reduces administrative tasks, speeds up recruitment, and increases the flexibility of both employers and job seekers.

Goodpatch designed and developed the job platform app for both iOS and Android.

job platform screen design




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