How Unipos, a Japanese HR Tech startup, dug into the customer experience and used design to reframe their value proposition for the European market.

From Japan to Europe: Taking feedback overseas

The regular exchange of meaningful feedback lives at the core of every company's culture, facilitating active engagement between employees and management, leading to improved employee morale, increased productivity, and ultimately, better work. This is why Unipos, an HR Tech startup, created a feedback tool that makes everyone - whether remote, independent or a part of a large team - feel recognized and appreciated at work.

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New market, new strategy

Popular with Japanese companies, Unipos came to Goodpatch to help win the hearts of the European market. Unipos was one of Goodpatch Japan's earliest clients, making it all the more exciting for Goodpatch Europe to facilitate their European market entry.

Working in close collaboration with Unipos, we defined our challenge: How do we repackage Unipos value proposition to seduce European customers?

A two-prong approach to explorative HR research and hands-on testing

The first step to successfully entering any new market is to understand the region's culture and values. Communication, often unspoken and subconscious, varies widely among cultures and communities. For this reason, feedback systems have to be unique to each geographic region, industry, and company culture.

We spent three weeks conducting in-depth market and user research, gathering extensive insights into the European customer. We then built personas for each user and level of organization (HR, management, employee) and took time to understand the needs of each role and the interactions between them by mapping out the user journey.

Armed with rich consumer insights, we were then able to quickly identify Unipos' pain points, product-market fit, reframe their value proposition, and design a responsive landing page for Unipos European operations, all within one week.

We're so excited to have helped Unipos develop a new identity that demonstrates their understanding of the European user and clearly expresses the value they bring to European company culture.

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