How might we make research data tangible in the spatial realm? Innovation Hub 13 operates at the link between science, economy, and the public sector.

Making scientific research tangible

This was the challenge Innovation Hub 13 approached us with. Innovation Hub 13 operates at the link between science, economy, and the public sector in South Brandenburg, aiming to enable collaboration and knowledge exchange within the university as well as with society.

In their physical showroom, research comes to life through interactive touch screens that make research topics tangible and accessible.

Illustration of the showroom and its interactive touch screens Credits: Innovation Hub 13

A remote prototyping workshop

To support the team in the creation of interactive, digital storytelling formats, Goodpatch facilitated a joint remote workshop together with an interdisciplinary team of scientific staff of Innovation Hub 13. Fostering exchange across disciplines was at the heart of the three days – the workshop brought together staff from different disciplines and enabled the team to collaboratively approach the challenge.

The teams followed the Human-Centered Design Process by creating personas, developing user journeys, drafting rough paper prototypes, and creating detailed storyboards of engaging digital storytelling formats.

“The workshop did not only deliver the required results, but took our culture of digital collaboration to the next level. The three days uncovered some challenges that we hadn’t foreseen before, but Goodpatch showed us how to solve those with the right tools and methods. Our team loved the positive energy and productive atmosphere that Lena and Max created as facilitators.” - PETER KESSEL

Physical meets digital

The workshop resulted in many engaging storytelling formats, one being a prototype of the TechRadar, an application that lets users explore innovative projects and initiatives of the region and is used as a tool by researchers and scientific staff alike. An interaction with the TechRadar will be possible both in the showroom on interactive touch screens, as well as online on a dedicated web platform.


Innovation Hub 13


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Strategy, Workshop Faciliation, UI/UX Design