We designed a new Webflow website from branding to layout for an intralogistics platform, SYNAOS. The project involved a new brand identity, transforming content to design, and partnering with a development team to create an interactive Webflow website.

Designing a new brand and website for a logistics product

Goodpatch really saved this project. With an incredibly challenging timeline and an identity design that was barely more than an early draft, we had to a) find a brand designer to further develop our initial ideas and b) find a product designer to apply the brand that was still work in progress. The team at Goodpatch managed to setup a team and literally start within days of our first call. We were impressed by the overall performance and are looking forward to more exciting projects together! - Neil Heiland, Head of Marketing at SYNAOS

Earlier this year, we were approached by SYNAOS for a branding and website design project. SYNAOS provides an Intralogistics Management Platform to control and optimize all resources and processes within the factory or warehouse of a company. With the goal of attracting new customers and bringing awareness to their SaaS B2B product, SYNAOS were looking for an attractive branding and powerful new website.

Multiple stakeholders were involved in this project, with Goodpatch serving as the coordinator between our digital product designer, brand designer, and webflow development partner, 02100. The project duration from content, design, to code was approximately seven weeks, with the branding starting a little before.

Close collaboration between brand and product designer

The first phase and month of the project involved branding. We brought a talented visual designer onto the team to support Goodpatch. The request was to take an early draft of the SYNAOS brand and refine the colour, the existing logo, and select typefaces. The final deliverable here was a set of brand guidelines for the SYNAOS team to implement into all their digital and printed materials. 

The second phase of work involved the design and layout of the website. The starting point for this was a Miro board from the SYNAOS team, which included all the content required for the 20 outlined pages of the website (see image below). Our digital product designer created the layout and components for all pages, migrating the content from Miro into a designed layout on Figma. 

As the layout of the main pages took shape, they began to inform the look and feel of the brand. This resulted in additional feedback and iterations on how best to implement the branding, requiring close communication between the client, product designer, and brand designer. 

Minimal meetings, maximum efficiency

The communication between the SYNAOS team and Goodpatch was also unique. To avoid an extensive amount of meetings and check-ins, our designer worked independently on Figma and created a comprehensive layout of files. This meant that whenever it was time for a page to be reviewed, or a piece of content needed to be edited, all this communication happened over Figma at the earliest convenience of the relevant team member rather than standing calls every week. 

This method of communication and feedback continued into the development phase of work. The development team was notified when they could begin implementing designs into Webflow. As we worked in a page-by-page system, this allowed our 02100 partners to overlap with our design workstream and ensure faster delivery. 

Across the finish line with interaction and development

As the third and final phase of development came to an end, our Goodpatch designer had one more task. To create a truly engaging digital experience, we wanted to ensure an element of interaction with certain designed components. For example, movement when a cursor scrolls over a banner, or animation over a button. The designer created a list of interactions for each component in the guidelines.

A strong visual brand as the foundation, a clear and compelling layout of all 20 pages, and the final element of interactivity resulted in a successful launch of SYNAOS’s new website. 

And… our partnership with this client is not over! We are kicking off our next phase of work on their website. With new offers and products in their pipeline, there is more design and development to be done. 






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