How a Berlin-based mobility startup improved their app with user-centric design to make on-street parking in urban cities a painless experience.

Tackling the parking experience in cities

Tackling parking in the city

No matter how local you are, it is always hard to find your "spot," especially in a bustling city. Since avoiding distraction is crucial, using a mobility app in this stressful setting might seem counter-intuitive. Parkling, a Berlin-based mobility startup, uses advanced data science and user-centric design to make on-street parking more accessible and has built a prediction-based app solution for finding parking spaces.

Urban parking - there's an app for that

As an extension of the Parkling product team, we took on the challenge of establishing Parkling's overall design strategy and strengthening its relationship with users.

Our challenge: How might we make the on-street parking experience easier to navigate? With this in mind, our objectives were to understand the overall driver journey, analyze the current product tackle usability issues, improve the existing user flow, and enhance the mobility app's look and feel.

mobility app design details

Design on the move

Working in tandem, we tackled problems head-on and developed long-term sustainable solutions in collaboration. We gathered all insights from previous research conducted by Parkling and mapped out the parking experience for drivers. We then analyzed the existing version of the app to locate potential pain points, considering usability, ergonomics, visual elements, consistency, feedback, error handling, a tone of voice.

Our next step was to define and validate our assumptions. The primary user pain points included the non-intuitive navigation, lack of information, unclear and ambiguous icon hierarchy (navigation & driving modes), and inconsistency among the visual elements (menu, switch modes).

mobility app user flow

The parking journey made simple

Our priority was to streamline the navigation and make the design of this mobility app as intuitive as possible by making sure the principle actions were clear and self-explanatory. For instance, positioning the call-to-action button in an easy-to-reach area ensured optimal access, both inside and outside of the car. We also added a playful touch to engage users and guide them through the journey. We created a dynamic and vibrant illustration style for the on-boarding process and emphasized space alerts.

Parkling's app is available via download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

mobility app screen design details






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