How we helped KnowS, an online marketplace, refining their product's UX & UI. It's never been easier to find a local provider or offer your service.

Improving the UX of the online marketplace

The rise of the online marketplace has made finding help more relaxed than ever. Whether you want to learn the guitar, need help painting a room, or you would like to make some extra cash, with KnowS, it’s never been easier to find a local provider or offer your service.

Knows online marketplace

Improving the UX of the online marketplace

Almost ready to launch, KnowS founders, Ramin and Philip, realized that their product's user experience was lacking. They came to Goodpatch to help them overhaul, challenge, and improve the entire KnowS platform (which stands for knowledge sharing now) before making it publicly available.


We started with a designathon at the KnowS office in Zürich. Together with Ramin and Philip, we reviewed learnings from the UX assessment of Version 1.0 and defined goals based on these key insights.

We also used this time to define customer personas -- suppliers and customers -- and create user flows. When we had the clickable prototype on day 4, we held a small user testing session and identified additional user pain points and moments of delight.  

Knows online marketplace

The online marketplace redefined

We had two weeks to transform our rough, bare bones prototype into a more realistic, hi-res version that could undergo comprehensive user testing and verify our assumptions. A very complex, feature-heavy product, we evaluated and modified one feature at a time while working in close collaboration with developers.

With the understanding that Switzerland was KnowS target market, we recruited Swiss participants and conducted a series of remote user testing sessions.  

During the refinement phase, we examined insights gained from user testing and proceeded to tackle the main challenges. Our goal: To ensure that users could intuitively navigate the platform, explore available work, and discover local providers.

Knows online marketplace

The Goodpatch design process

An agile process, our work with all stakeholders (client, design, development) ran in parallel, at the same time. As such, we created a style guide that kept design consistent across platforms and devices, while ensuring it would integrate into existing guidelines for iOS and Android devices. The style guide -- which included illustrations, icons, dialogues, and navigation -- also allowed us to effectively communicate our designs with the development team, shortening the time from design to coded components.

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