How Goodpatch used a design approach to improve Glutyfree, an app that makes gluten-free shopping easier than ever before.

A design approach to a gluten-free app

How might we remove stress from gluten-free shopping

Approximately 25.5 % of German adults are sensitive to at least one food allergy, and intolerance of gluten, found in various grains including wheat, has been linked to health issues ranging from anxiety to digestive problems and anemia. If you know someone with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, you understand how hard it can be to buy and prepare food for them. Glutyfree, an app that highlights ingredients that contain gluten on packaged goods, solves this problem.

Glutyfree’s founder, Nils Schmidt, approached Goodpatch to help improve his app’s UI & UX. Nils approached our team in Munich for design support, but with limited funding, so we took on this challenge as a pro bono project.

“Working with Goodpatch was productive, efficient and most importantly it helped us to improve our product.” – Nils Schmidt

Gluten-free shopping made easy

In order to optimize the app for Glutyfree’s users, we quickly started with looking at its main features. We stripped the mobile application navigation down to the bare minimum which gave prominence to a simple floating action button that triggers the app’s core function: scanning ingredients. Taking on the second key feature of the Glutyfree app, we wanted to put focus on the standing list of ingredients that contain gluten. For the purpose of making this more accessible for users, we moved this list from behind the navigation menu to the home screen and become a great entry point.

Now that Glutyfree’s two main features are prominent and accessible, the final step was to refine the app’s visual language. To make the app appear more approachable and friendly, we developed a set of illustrations that incorporate a softer color palette and a generally more rounded appearance.  

Gluten-free shopping just got a bit easier.

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