How Deutsche Börse managed digital transformation and created a new digital product for the Eurex Group’s expanding financial services portfolio.

Digital transformation at Deutsche Börse

When it comes to innovation and digital services, the financial industry has been living in a bubble. While the mantras of agile working and customer-centricity are no longer alien concepts to most industries, this environment has been experiencing rapid change.

Financial services experience digital transformation

Eurex, the by-product of the merger between Deutsche Börse Group and Swiss Exchange, is one of the leading futures exchange markets for financial derivatives. In line with the broader digital transformation process at Deutsche Börse, Goodpatch was asked to help shape a new product for the Eurex Group’s expanding and diverse portfolio: Eurex Enlight.

Eurex Enlight is a fully automated request for quote (RFQ) platform that brings together buying and selling interests from everyone engaged in off-book trading. The new platform helps users manage large and complex orders while reducing the time-to-market of price discovery and improving price data intelligence. Given the dynamic nature of the market, the challenge for Goodpatch was to fully automate data processing to optimize platform execution requirements.

Deutsche Boerse Group

Two phases to a clickable prototype

Together with the Eurex Enlight team, we conducted a kickoff workshop in Frankfurt to get a more holistic sense of both the challenge and the financial services industry. In an effort to work closely with the Eurex team, we spent one month on-site at the team’s offices in London, testing and iterating until we had a functional prototype.

With the clickable product prototype in hand, we were able to visit real customers, conduct user research, quickly gather valuable customer feedback and increase interactivity for more efficient testing. With new insights in hand, we worked on a second iteration, focusing on UX challenges.

After one short month, we had successfully developed a new prototype, Version 2.0, which incorporated all of the feedback and missing pieces from the first phase, in addition to insights gathered while conducting user tests on Deutsche Börse employees.

“Eurex EnLight is now available to over 400 exchange members, with many tens of thousands of derivatives contracts dealt on the platform each week. It’s used daily by some of the world’s largest banks and trading firms throughout Europe.” SIMON BROWN, PRODUCT MANAGER


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