Together with Avi Medical, we worked on improving the digital healthcare experience with consistent user experience and interface design.

Bringing user-centricity to the digital healthcare system

2020 was an important year for the digitalisation of health services in Germany. Overcrowded waiting rooms, long waiting times and not enough time for the patient showed to be the main aggressors when talking about the frustration regarding a doctor's visit. The pandemic served as a catalyst for bringing much needed change to the field of digital healthcare.

Our client Avi Medical is working on bringing the digitalisation into the field of primary care by maintaining the personal and direct contact with the patients and combining it with smart services.

Avi Medical – Patient App (digital healthcare)

How might we bring more user centricity into primary care?

Goodpatch was approached by Avi Medical to work on the patient-practice touchpoints to improve and create a consistent overall user experience and Interface design.

Our initial challenge was  to create an intuitive app that enables patients to quickly and efficiently sign up for a practice and book an appointment. On the other side, we were optimising how the practice handles appointments in order to create a seemingless experience for everybody.

Avi Kickoff Workshop

During an initial kick-off workshop we were able to look closely at the registration and booking process which presented to be a key focus area. In order to create an intuitive application which would be easy to use by a wide audience it was important to continuously challenge the status quo and really embrace an interactive process. This meant carefully mapping out all processes and conducting regular usability testings with a broad spectrum of users from different ages and levels of capability to ensure ease of use.

In the design process, we paid particular attention to match accessibility guidelines. Because of the broad target group of a general medical practice (everyone from adolescents up to elderlies), we aimed at making the design as inclusive as possible by adjusting the colors to match a high contrast. For this, we looked closely at font sizes and weights and made sure that the content is clearly structured and easily understandable by using primarily more straightforward language.

Avi Medical – Practice App Design (digital healthcare)

Besides focusing on the user communication, it was important to go further and take a detailed look at how to optimise appointment handling and the general need for an intuitive tool for doctors and practice staff within the practices.

Alongside, we also designed various products like the Website or print material to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the company communication.

Avi Medical – Website






UX/UI Design