How, Athleten, a non-profit organization created a digital platform to provide resources for Olympic atheletes in Germany. 

Giving olympic athletes a platform and a voice

Founded in 2017, Athleten Deutschland is a non-profit organization that represents these athletes, fighting to empower and strengthen the position of each individual athlete. Athleten asked Goodpatch to create a tailored digital platform for the non-profit that would provide resources and information for these athletes.

non-profit digital platform

Kicking things off with user research

We kicked things off with our 4-day designathon methodology and quickly realized that the ecosystem around the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (DOSB) extends to include a complex network of organizations and athletes. Then, we conducted exploratory interviews with three athletes (a snowboarder, an endurance equestrian, and a speed skater) and were amazed to learn how much their points of view varied based on their sport.


We were able to identify some pain points that all athletes shared. These included the desire for a network and a sense of togetherness. Athletes also sought help with finding sponsors, public funds. Finally, we discovered that the athletes were eager to integrate professional sports with personal training and development. With these new insights in hand, we updated the prototype and conducted in-depth user testing with more athletes from different disciplines.

A mobile-first digital platform

Since all athletes shared a certain level of dependency on their smartphone, we knew that a mobile-first approach would be critical to the platform’s adoption. Now, not only is Athleten Deutschland's digital platform useful, but the non-profit can also provide athletes with a highly coveted sense of community.