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At Goodpatch, our mission is simple: Prove the power of design. With this in mind, we have three key areas in which we hire talent: design, development, and strategy.


Strategy at Goodpatch

Strategic design at Goodpatch requires the ability to seamlessly switch and translate between different mindsets, analytical perspectives and ways of thinking. This is only possible with great empathy, the capability to see the big picture and a curiosity for all new things. All of this is held together by our shared belief in the importance of design in this world.

As a design strategist you will work closely with clients to ensure that your team is given the right environment to create world-class products and experiences collaboratively. Strategy must be understood as a design act, especially in contexts of high uncertainty. Design strategists, therefore, take both a generative and transformative role in order to create the momentum for change.



Munich & Berlin

Senior Design Strategist (f/m/d)


Design at Goodpatch

UI/UX Designers at Goodpatch work very closely with our clients, bringing cutting-edge ideas and designs to the table. With a human-centric mindset, we strive to exceed expectations and build products that not only delight users, but that also solve real needs.

Your amazing skills in product interaction, visual design, and prototyping, will help our clients to quickly visualize concepts and build new innovative products. We are not limited to a certain direction of screen design, so you will establish user interfaces for native iOS, Android as well as web apps. As a true design partner, you will also assist our clients with internal challenges and support them to establish a design-driven culture.



Munich & Berlin

Product Designer (f/m/d)


Development at Goodpatch

At Goodpatch we believe software development is a creative discipline. That’s why we are looking for killer Developers who are motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming.

You will work alongside strategists, designers, and developers, and take an active role in the entire design process. You will not only defiine how the application looks, but also how it works. For this reason, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and the creation of quality products is essential.