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Berlin’s local design studio

Whether you are a creative or a diplomat, an economist or punk, Berlin belongs to everyone. Vast yet intricate, you can choose your own adventure here, whether you’d like to spend the day lakeside, tour the Bundestag, or get lost in Berghain.

We opened our first global office here in 2015. The creative capital of Europe, we love our Berlin home. Settled in Kreuzberg, where all the cool kids hang, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the best Berlin has to offer: energy, diversity and raw humanity at its best.

Our Berlin team is well known for work building digital products for startups and global brands alike. Whether you’re a startup looking to build your first Minimum Lovable Product or a big brand who needs help navigating the digital transformation process, we’ve got you covered.

We’re not your typical agency – come see for yourself: The next time you’re in our kiez, stop by the studio for a Product Crunch event or just to say hello.

Goodpatch Berlin Studio - back office team
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Goodpatch Berlin Studio - library
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Our in-house mobility expert and automotive enthusiast, talk to Matthias if you’re ready to get your project moving!

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With a strong background in UX, user research, and design strategy, Doro is the go to for anything related to new work, design culture, and the planet-centric design approach.

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Berlin in a slurp – Ramen-shops we love

Before I went to Japan, I had tried exactly one Ramen shop before in Germany. After the first Bowl in Japan, I was in love…

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