Venture business design

Design meets Sustainability

Our unique approach to Venture Building

We empower corporates to enter new markets with innovative and digital business ventures.

We are designers that match business ambition with digital products to create value for people and the planet. Our venture building model reduces risk through rigorous idea validation and executional speed.




Venture Design Discovering phase

We take a rough idea to a validated prototype in three months. At this stage, you'll have what you need to convince stakeholders that you've got an idea with legs.



Venture design, building phase

Take your venture from an MLP to a Product-Market fit. We iterate, test, and iterate again, while creating the operational support that is needed to sustain.



Venture Design scaling phase

What's left is fuelling the engine for real growth. We put the business structures in place and build out a team that's empowered to scale up the venture.

Do you relate to these challenges?


You're in search of that breakthrough venture idea that sets you apart in a rapidly changing environment


You need to validate an idea quickly to gain support and resources from internal stakeholders


You're searching for designers that understand business. After all, there's much more to building a venture than good UX/UI.

Goodpatch venture design structure illustration

How Goodpatch makes a difference

We bring A global way of THINKING to Your venture

Goodpatch Venture design offering - we are a truly global team

Our global team generates ideas and strategies that allow your ventures to scale quickly across geographies.

We go beyond THE human-centred APPROACH

Goodpatch Venture design offering - we design for the planet

We embrace planet-centric design. This mindset is not anti-human but extends our methods to include planetary stakeholders.

We prioritise for desirability

Goodpatch Venture design offering - we prioritise for desirability

Many classic MVPs lack the wow factor that makes users fall in love with a product. So, our testing goes beyond just feasibility and viability.

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