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Goodpatch’s Research Lab

A clear and comprehensive understanding of user behavior is at the core of everything we do. For this reason, we decided to build an in-house research lab that would enable us to provide our clients with the valuable user insights required to make key decisions and guarantee that their products have the biggest impact.

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The Goodpatch difference

When the Goodpatch team is operating the research and testing sessions, guests can oversee all session activity from the observation room or remote from their desk. We involve all stakeholders throughout the process, working across teams to define project scope and in the creation of a user testing guide. At the conclusion of each session, we gather findings, conduct careful analysis and deliver a final report with insights and strategic, UI/UX recommendations for a successful product launch.

User Research Timeline


Assisted testing

Facilitate with an expert from our side

Looking for facilities to test your product or service? We’ll support you with set up and help you run your study.


All inclusive user testing set up & facilitation

Need an expert team to test your product with users? We run the study for you, from preparation to the final research report.


Experience immersive user testing

Ready to test a digital product
in VR/XR? We use our propriety software Athena to immerse users
in a contextual environment and
test future scenarios today

Testing 100% remote

Testing in times of COVID

We also offer the possibility to do remote usability testing (moderated and unmoderated). This allows for the delivery of user feedback from all around the world, at minimal cost and at any time from the comfort of their own living room. Find out more on our blogposts.


Immersive User testing

Test for future scenarios

We take user testing a step further with our cross reality (XR) prototyping tool, Athena. Immersive technologies allow us to introduce variable contexts and test both future technologies and existing ones across a blend of digital, physical and service offerings. In addition, immersive prototypes that focus on the complete user experience, promise faster iteration, fewer errors, significant savings in time and resources, and ultimately, better solutions.