Sustainability by Design

From user-centric to planet-centric design

As designers, we’re always finding new ways to improve upon the status quo; This extends to our role as world citizens. With a vested interest in creating meaningful, impactful change, we think with a circular design approach, drawing influence and taking direction from social and environmental perspectives.

We use our unique set of tools and skills to solve problems and design smart, innovative, and sustainable solutions that create a positive impact for both people and the planet. We ask the most critical questions and support our partners in the development of products and services with purpose.

Designing Sustainable Products & Services

How might we use design to ensure the success of social and environmental projects?

Social impact and business impact don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Although often secondary to purpose, we believe top-tier design is critical to the success of any sustainable, high impact innovation. Bring us your CO2 compensator, your app that combats food waste, or your online guide for vegan living; we’ll give it the design it deserves.

Green Energy goes Digital

How might we empower communities to create and manage sustainable energy?

Digitalization has had a considerable impact on the safety, productivity, and accessibility of green energy systems. Consumers are eager for IoT and smart home products that track heating, cooling, and manage lighting. Energy suppliers, on the other hand, can use digital tools to improve security and operations. Whether you’re a tech startup or government agency, we’ll work with you to identify opportunities to create a more secure, smart, and sustainable energy future.

Circular Design for any organisation

How might we integrate circular-design processes into our daily business operations?

No matter which industry you work in, there’s always room to do things better. We support corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs as they rethink growth and find solutions that have society-wide benefits. Only through a thorough reexamination of the entire value chain can we build products and services that add value, not more waste. We coach and work with organizations, preparing teams to use design tools, apply iterative processes, and use in-house resources to translate research insights into on-the-ground solutions.




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