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A Free Feedback Session

Product:Hour – A structured, actionable feedback session

Product:Hour is an initiative by Goodpatch for start‐ups, corporates and NGOs
1. who need structured, actionable design feedback on their digital product or service.
2. who want to discover circular opportunities for their business or product

Come to our design studios in Berlin or Munich for an hour of coffee, conversation and one-on-one consultation. You can also apply for a completely remote session!


Your Benefits


It’s free
Our designers, strategists and developers are happy to share their expertise. It’s that simple. No small print.


Get all the tips & tricks
Leave with actionable insights and key learnings that you can implement right away.


Confidentiality guaranteed
Everything you share, stays between us. We assure privacy and confidentiality.




Signup & Introduction

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To better understand how we can help, we’d ask a few key questions about your current challenges. We’ll then pair you with the right experts and find a time slot that works for everyone.


The Product:Hour

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The more specific your questions, the more tangible and applicable the feedback and advice. We ensure privacy and confidentiality for all sessions.


Actionable Feedback

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After an hour brainstorming with our experts, we provide all participants with a final report that includes a session summary and next steps. You’ll be ready to take your digital product or service to the next level!

Who should sign up for Product:Hour?


Corporate Teams

Are you part of a corporate team and feel like your four grey walls are getting the better of you? Want to break out of your office, your thinking patterns and ping pong your ideas with external experts? Show us your work in progress and we’ll give you our unfiltered opinion, guaranteed to give you that extra kick!


Startups and Founders

Are you a startup looking to turn your brilliant idea into a product? Or do you already have an MVP that needs to become an MLP? Is it the onboarding flow? Or is it your business model? We’ll take a close look at your user flows, your set up and pinpoint where your focus should be.


NGOs & Social Businesses

Designed to make the abstract concrete and rapidly solve even the most complex challenges, you’d be surprised how much of an impact design and a user centered approach can have on your business. Whether you’re a design expert or not, we’ll help you look at your challenges from a different perspective. We can’t wait to meet you!

Betty Wachera

During a Product:Hour session with the experts from Goodpatch I was able to share, discuss and get feedback on a ‘product in the works’ for design education and leadership.

Betty Wachera, Digital Transformation at Volkswagen AG

Gabriel Radic

Meeting with Goodpatch was a pleasurable and beneficial experience. They gave us a chance to take a step back from our process and view our project with different eyes.

Gabriel radic, head of product at blogfoster gmbh

Ferando Stefanini

Product:Hour was a great help for our team. Coming from almost no frontend or design background we changed our landing page from what people described as a “torrent-looking website” to a nice and simple webpage with better identity and positioning!

Fernando Stefanini,

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