Mobility Design

Safe, reliable, and affordable transportation will always be in
high demand

Everyone needs to get from A to B. The options available for how you do this - your personal means of transportation - are increasingly becoming more personalized, on-demand, and digital. This new emphasis on unrestricted mobility has required that the conversation moves beyond automotive to a more holistic vision of mobility as a service and smart transportation.

We're proud to count some of the world's largest automotive manufacturers and mobility providers among our clients and partners. We've worked with them for years, building smart connectivity solutions and user-friendly applications. Now, as they prepare for the future of mobility, we're arming teams with the methodologies, tools, and insights required to win - not only today but also tomorrow.

Mobility is emotional

How might we develop mobility solutions that people love to use?

As every UX designer will tell you: Design has a crucial role in shaping a user's feelings towards a product. The emotions a product evokes has a significant impact on how the user perceives it, influencing brand and product loyalty, advocacy, and affinity. Our design approach focuses on the complete user experience, using empathy, research, and cutting-edge testing methods to understand your target's core motivations, emotional triggers, and build products people love to use.

Smart transportation starts with smart cities

How might we prepare cities to support new mobility solutions?

The future of mobility and the future of cities go hand in hand. How you choose to move around your city has everything to do with the options available, be it metro, car, kick scooter, or e-bike. As private vehicle use declines, government legislation and city infrastructure have a growing influence on digital solutions related to multimodal ride planning, carpooling, and car-sharing. We support and consult technology startups, OEMs, government agencies, and everyone in between to define and accomplish the most desirable future for all stakeholders.

UX meets XR

How might we build prototype for technologies that don't exist yet?

As cars become digital products, the need to conduct user tests early, often, and at a low-cost is essential. Autonomous driving and voice interfaces are just two use cases where OEMs and suppliers need to be able to test technologies that don't exist yet; a task made difficult with traditional prototyping techniques. Our extensive work in the automotive space inspired the development of Athena, our cross reality (XR) prototyping software that has proven XR's value as a toolkit for UX designers working at automotive companies to test future technologies and design tomorrow's future today.




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