Redesigning FinTech

Empower your customers to do the most with their money

Digital banking is no longer the exception; it’s the rule. Whether you’re a fintech startup or a large, established financial institution, the threat of industry disruption can be paralyzing. While the decision to be a leader or a follower may seem obvious, the former requires a culture and set of internal capabilities few companies have.

A user-centric mindset allows organizations to build smart, in-demand financial solutions, delighting customers with the financial independence they crave. As mobile banking, digital currencies, peer-to-peer lending, and other new technologies create new opportunities for financial institutions, they can also add complexity. We help companies identify and understand the fundamental needs of their customers and then build products and services around them.

User experience reinvented for B2B

How might we build B2B platforms that attract as much interest as the most exciting new consumer products?

Too often, B2B products are designed with the target business and not the actual users in mind. While this strategy may result in short-term market interest, the company will fail to create smart, user-centric solutions. Our deep industry expertise, coupled with our human-centric approach, make us the perfect partner for any financial institution looking to build intuitive products, trusted services, and long term brand loyalty.

Making finance accessible once and for all

How might we design financial services that are accessible to everyone?

The world is increasingly global, connected, and complex. But while customers want to take their banking and financial institutions with them around the world, they want their interactions to remain simple regardless of the platform or channel. By taking a holistic view of the customer journey, we support our financial partners to build a seamless experience across products and services, whether they’re digital, physical, online, or mobile-first. Mobile payment systems, personal investment apps, and cryptocurrency exchange platforms have never been more simple and accessible.

Prototyping future fintech scenarios and business models

How might we design and prototype strategies for the future of fintech?

Truly innovative companies are always one step ahead. With an eye on future technologies, trends, and global market conditions, organizations can prepare for the most desirable futures. We help our clients and partners envision what’s ahead and prototype solutions for tomorrow’s barriers and opportunities. Whether it’s wearables, cross-border payments, or AI, we’ll help you prepare for what’s next, today.




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