Stop Analyzing & start co-creating

From idea to prototype in 4 days

The Designathon® is our tried and tested 4-day workshop format that consolidates months of work into a single week.
Designed to make the abstract concrete and rapidly solve even the most complex challenges, we have applied the Designathon to a range of companies, from large financial institutions to young start-ups eager to launch their first product or service. This approach applies a streamlined strategic decision-making process that emphasizes desirability for the best possible results.

What to expect from a Designathon




Co-Creation for Designathon at Goodpatch

Engaging co-creation workshop with your relevant stakeholders, led by the experts at Goodpatch. Methodological support across design, strategy and technology.



Protoyping for Designathon at Goodpatch

Rapid prototyping to concretize envisioned products, services and organisations to create a common understanding for further iterations.



Testing for Designathon at Goodpatch

Instant validation through direct contact with existing and future customers to ensure a value generating prioritisation.

Key Outcomes


Team and stakeholder alignment


Tangible prototype(s) to serve as a blueprint for further action


Ecosystem and user-journey mapping


On-the-job training of human-centric working methodologies and mindsets


User testing with real customer insights

A workshop facilitator writing post-its during a designathon

When to run your designathon

When does a Designathon make sense?


You want to venture into new markets, explore business opportunities and move your organization forward? A Designathon allows you to start crafting right away and create a blueprint and vision together with your team.

ChallengE the status quo

Your business is working, but you feel like there is unmet potential? Run a Designathon to challenge business as usual and define opportunity areas that allow you to create additional value from within your existing offering.


A Designathon turns ideas into facts and helps find prioritization and clarity with teams and stakeholders. It turns lofty ideas into visual artefacts ready to share, test and iterate on.

validate your ideas

It’s the perfect low risk environment to test your high risk idea. With a Designathon, you can ask customers  questions by showing them your ideas in the form of tangible prototypes to generate valuable insights.

What happens after a Designathon?

The Designathon is also known as the kick-off workshop for our work together. We build upon the gained insights to then take your idea and bring it to the world. Together with you and your team we seamlessly move into a concept phase and product phase to design and develop your MLP (Minimum Lovable Product)

MLP Goodpatch

Some of our customers

Markus Schere

Two main reasons to do a Designathon with Goodpatch in Berlin are: they are extremely fun and deliver tangible outcomes that transform your user flow into a prototype.

Markus Scherrer, Product Owner r+v

Joerg Hunnekuhl

The Designathon was very inspiring and impressive in terms of the speed and efficiency of structured ideation, prototyping and testing. I’m really impressed by what could be achieved within such a short time.

Jörg Hunnekuhl, Innovation Lead Europe Georg Fischer

What you need to bring:


4 days of time


4–10 participants

The Result


By the end of the Designathon, you’ll have a high-fidelity interactive prototype in hand.


With this, you can continue to gather the valuable user feedback you need to guide future decision making and further refine your product.


Armed with your clickable prototype and user insights your can refine your idea, use it to sell your idea to investors or company management. Once you get your buy-in you’re ready to use this as a base to build a minimum loveable product.