circular business designcircular business design

Our offering that puts planet-centric mindset in action

We want every business to be circular

Why? Because we believe this is a way to help companies achieve sustainability and create a world without waste.

We know the challenge is big, but we can help you start small without risking your entire business.



circular opportunity identification

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We run co-creation workshops to identify opportunities how to achieve circularity.


designing a circular offer

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We help you design the circular offering and validate it with the relevant stakeholders by creating prototypes.


circular business model design

Circular business design offering - chart and business model

We help you understand the implications new circular offers will have for your current business model.

Do you relate to these challenges?


You are willing to take action but don’t really know where to start


You have identified circular opportunities, but you don't know how to test them


You have a circular offer, but you need to validate your business model

Circular business design and planet centric design for planet

How Goodpatch makes a difference

We facilitate change by involving stakeholders

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With a planet-centric mindset, we create value for customers while considering the impact on the planet.

We start small and prototype forward

Protoyping for Designathon at Goodpatch

Our proven design process will help you make the most of your time and resources.

We take you from digital to sustainable transformation


For every circular solution, a digital element will provide momentum.

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