The 5 most exciting European Femtech Products

Slowly but surely, FemTech products and services are entering mainstream media. It is exciting to see how young entrepreneurs are taking previously taboo topics and making them accessible to a wide range of audiences. As a design firm, we’re especially excited to see how these startups are putting in the extra time and resources necessary to think holistically about their products and invest in design — and designers early on. Following is a list of our current favourites:

Daye — À la Cannabis Tampons

After recently acquiring €5.5 million in funding, Daye is one of the hotshots on the market right now. The team at Daye makes CBD infused tampons, and their organic, pharmaceutical-grade products promise to ease menstrual pains and to “close the gender pain gap.” They take design very seriously, which makes them stand out from the crowd. This design-driven approach can be seen in their pristine packaging, their welcoming website, and carefully curated newsletter. This online gem, full of content is worth subscribing to, especially if you live in a city like Berlin, where they, unfortunately, don’t deliver to yet.

Avery — Fertility when you’re ready

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Lea-Sophie Cramer, the entrepreneurial poster child in Germany, has stepped down as CEO of Amorelie. While we’re all very excited to see what her next move is, one of her coworkers quietly launched her own new venture. Lia Grünhage, ex-Managing Director at Amorelie, co-founded a company called Avery early this year. Still a somewhat controversial topic, they offer ‘social freezing’, meaning women can freeze their eggs and decide when they want to start family planning.

Inne — the future of contraception

Inne solves an ever-growing need: non-hormonal tracking. Anyone that has been through the pain (literally) of using different kinds of hormonal contraception methods knows the drill. Inne is here to put you in touch with your body and aren’t letting anyone get in their way. They received €8 million in a funding round led by blossom capital last year, which is a fair bet! Inne aims to offer more than “just another period tracker” and claims to be a mini-laboratory for each person to get to know their body better. Intrigued? Sign up for early access here.

Ferly — Audio for mindful sex

Everyone should download ferly, just to browse the app. In a time where all apps have the same google-components-glazed look, ferly has an editorial, artsy vibe that comes as a pleasant surprise. This app from the UK could be the next big thing in terms of self-love. Let’s call it the ‘headspace of masturbation’, guiding everyone on how to better discover their body and reinvent their sex life. Well, what are you waiting for…

Elvie — A breast pump for a world with self-driving cars

This quote from the Elvie website pretty much sums them up: “Women shouldn’t have to make do with shoddy design or pink spin-offs when there are self-driving cars in the world.” They’ve stuck to their word and have developed both a breast pump and a kegel device that are as chic as they are functional and look as cool as the latest tech gadget. Rumour has it that they have many more products in-store and we can’t wait to see what they ship next.

Have you spotted any up and coming FemTech startups or do you run one yourself? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to publishing part II and/or doing an interview with a founder. 💌

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