A sneak-peek into our three white papers

We’ve been busy over the last months at Goodpatch. We have three expertise circles (strategy, design, development), and each circle launched a white paper. You can request them here, but if you’re not yet convinced, here’s a look into what each one is about. 

Localising UIUX: Comparison of Western & Japanese digital products

(Design white paper)

Let’s start with the white paper that brings us to our roots: Japan. We are a design company with our headquarters in Tokyo and studios in Berlin and Munich. Of course, coming to another country with a different culture is more complex than it looks, and it is essential to do it well. That is why, considering our history and design expertise, our designer Akihiko Sugiura has written this report about how to translate any UIUX design into different cultures. It is based on his expertise in comparing Japanese and Western cultural differences. 

We use digital products worldwide and often end up having so many apps on our smartphones that have been developed elsewhere that it is widespread to think that they have resulted from a simple translation process. But indeed, there are a lot of differences when comparing the same product in two different countries, and there is a complex process to localise a product in another culture. Akihiko has compiled them by providing a more structured and holistic understanding of this topic by breaking down digital products into three layers:

  • Visual.
  • Structure.
  • Concept.

If you want to see various examples of localisation of a product to truly adapt to local users' preferences and needs, here is the framework to start with. 

Five ways to move your business towards a circular economy

(Strategy white paper)

Our team of strategists has been working on several sustainability projects by trying to find circular opportunities in every project they work in. Everything is driven by the power of design, and as Léa Montavon, one of our strategists, says: "now more than ever, we as a society need to change how we treat our planet." We, as Goodpatch, are already taking action on it, and we know that the road to being a fully circular economy is still long, but we want to start shaping the change and help companies start small and validate initial circular solutions. That is why Léa has come up with the paper that brings all this knowledge into a 5 step guide to find the opportunities for a circular economy and explain how it could become a strategic direction for your company. 

The proposed process follows this 5 steps guidance:

  1. Find your starting point 
  2. Discover circular opportunities
  3. Start small and gather evidence on a circular solution
  4. Define metrics and assess your opportunities
  5. Create momentum

In each step, you will find diagrams, a series of action tasks, and the approximate time needed to complete it, from stakeholders maps and product process maps, to standards and metrics to assess the circularity of your initiatives. 

Why CAD models are unusable in real-time applications

(Development white paper)

Last but not least, our developer Felix Oesinghaus brings a paper about why automatic conversion between the CAD and the polygonal model produces unusable results without manual tweaking. 

In the paper, you will move from learning about 3D basics to normals and hard edges, and non-manifold geometry. Understanding UV mapping and texturing and automated and manual optimization. Be aware that the more complicated a mesh, the more complex the UV mapping.

Find the key takeaways in the image below.

If you found an interesting topic to know more about, request the white paper(s) here! 

Special thanks to the Goodchies that have taken the time to put into words their knowledge and share it with everyone around. We are very proud of the team we have. 

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