Product Crunch: Future Food Edition

Just in time for sweater weather, Berlin’s most popular meetup is back!!

On Thursday, October 10, we kicked off the 2019/2020 season of Product Crunch with the Future Food Edition featuring talks from Franziska Lienert, from Too Good To Go, Eldad Arnon, from InFarm and Sarmishta Pantham, from Marley Spoon.

An initiative by Goodpatch, Product Crunch is a learning platform and community for passionate product people: project managers, designers, engineers, researchers, founders, and everyone in between.

With a waitlist as long as the line at Berghain, we were very excited to inspire a conversation around how technology, design, and innovation can shape the future of food, with three of Berlin’s most innovative food tech companies.

Our first speaker was Franziska Lienert, Public Affairs Manager at Too Good To Go. Franziska’s been excited about sustainable since her studies. In fact, while getting her Master’s Degree at Zeppelin University, she organized a “Schnippeldisko” to create awareness around food waste.

Franziska Lienert, Public Affairs Manager at Too Good To Go

Every day, 2,000 tons of food is wasted in Berlin. That’s 18 million a year in Germany! An app against food waste, Too Good To Go dreams of a world with no food waste, so they’ve made saving food simple. Too Good To Go allows gastronomy companies to offer their overproduced food to people who pick it up themselves at a 50% discount, creating a win-win-win: Now, we can save the world, better understand the food production process, and eat well while doing it.

The best part, it’s working: Too Good To Go is in 12 European countries, with a community of 16 million people, 30,000 partner stores, and has saved 22 million meals and 55,000 tons of CO2 in Europe.

Next up: Sarmishta Pantham, Head of Design & UX at Marley Spoon, spoke to us about ‘Designing for the intangible– at scale.’

Sarmishta’s approach is as interdisciplinary as her background: Over the last 15 years, Sarmishta has worked in fashion, brand identity, trend research and user experience design for brands like Levi’s, eBay, Toyota, Blinkist, in India, the United States, and Berlin. Today, she leads the Design and UX team at Marley Spoon towards the shared goal of creating memorable, seamless experiences for Marley Spooners around the world.

Sarmishta Pantham, Head of Design & UX at Marley Spoon

After a series of drool-inducing photographs of food, Sarmista walked us through Marley Spoon’s growing pains and the resultant principles, which they use to guide their thinking and process. One growing pain has been finding the balance between data-centricity & the intangible experience — how do you make sure that every interaction a user has with the product has value and brings joy? Each customer has a different set of circumstances that influence their mealtime needs. By allowing customers the option to customize their service — i.e. cooking for one or a family of four? — they not only make customers happier, they also avoid waste.

Alongside her professional practice, Sarmishta can be found researching traditional Indian delicacies for her pop-up dinner series, Indian Standard Time. We look forward to crashing her next dinner party (not a joke).

To round out the evening, Eldad Arnon, Director Of Digital Products at InFarm, gave a talk aptly titled ‘Decentralisation of the food system: the farming (r)evolution’. In case you haven’t heard, InFarm has pioneered farming-as-a-service, installing infarms in neighborhoods around the world, saving thousands of food miles, preserving water and natural resources, and ultimately, laying the foundation for a new urban food system.

Eldad Arnon, Director Of Digital Products at InFarm

The current food supply chain is broken — food travels thousands of miles to reach the point of sale, resulting in market instability, cost fluctuation, up to 50% food waste, and a general lack of taste, freshness and nutritional value. As the Director Of Digital Products, Eldad oversees InFarm’s cloud-based agriculture and data-driven crop production, both of which have contributed to the fact that with only one farm we now produce 95% less water, 75% less fertilizer, 90% less food transportation, and the harvest of 8,320 plants per year.

At the end of his talk, everyone had the chance to grab a herb to go: basil, mint, chives, fennel…Thanks for the party favors Eldad!

Last, but certainly not least: We’d like to give a huge thanks to our sponsor, ROY Kombucha, for providing, quite frankly, the best Kombucha we’ve ever had. A conscious and sustainable company, they brought a full keg into our office so that the Goodpatch could enjoy the delicious booch all week.

Need we say…another killer event for the books. If you’re tired of missing the fun, make sure to join a Product Crunch meetup group:

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