Goodpatch’s approach to tackling planet-centric challenges

We kept delighting our customers with thoughtfully designed products and services that make them feel empowered and ease their day-to-day life. And that’s great, right? Well, not exactly.

We could cater to one or multiple target groups within the different projects. However, we often neglected the planet as our primary stakeholder. We didn’t zoom out enough and were blind to see the severity of our impact on our oceans, finite resources, and communities. As our colleague, Samuel Huber, in the previous article, states: “We need to move from egoism to ecosystems.” (What is planet-centric design?, 2021).

As the New Year is starting, Goodpatch is ready to lead businesses through design towards a planet positive impact. We started building up our expertise in the team, seeking new partnerships and collaborations. As we know, no one can fight this alone.

Goodpatch approach to Planet-Centric Design

We know that many of our clients and other businesses are ready to tackle planet-centric challenges, but they are confronted with the question: Where do we start? And we want to help.

You may already know that the start is overwhelming as there are many actions to take. We want to alleviate this pain by identifying the greatest potential for a positive impact on the planet. Once we understand that, we can continue generating fragile ideas to create new planet-centric concepts and validate them early without risking your core business. Finally, we help you take action by making an execution plan that is geared towards a planet-centric business.

We explain our approach in the visual below.

Are you ready to take action? Reach out to us to learn more about our approach to planet-centric design. Let’s start the conversation.

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