Goodpatch welcomes new Managing Director & expands presence globally

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Thomas Elm, previously COO of Fenics GO, has joined the Goodpatch Europe team as a Managing Director in Europe. Boris Jitsukata takes charge of global business expansion in the Tokyo HQ. Goodpatch is an international design company with studios in Tokyo, Berlin, and Munich.

In June 2020, Goodpatch rang the bell at the Tokyo Stock exchange and, since their IPO, have been enhancing the capabilities of their highly diverse team of 200 people. Thomas Elm’s role as Managing Director in Europe will leverage his experiences at the intersection of digital products and the financial industry. Elm’s addition to the team contributes to Goodpatch’s strategic focus on growing its corporate venture design capabilities.

Thomas has successfully launched digital initiatives for the BGC Group as well as the Deutsche Börse Group and managed a €725mn acquisition for Deutsche Börse. In 2018, Thomas was a client of Goodpatch. His team at Deutsche Börse worked with Goodpatch to launch an award-winning digital trading product. Elm’s knowledge of Goodpatch’s offerings and unique background makes him a great fit for the team.

“For me, Goodpatch has proven the power of design. It is not just about aesthetics but thinking hard about what, how and why you offer your product - and then build everything around it. I am proud to join this team of superstars to push the envelope with great design.” - Thomas Elm

Boris Jitsukata

In parallel to this management hire, Goodpatch’s current European business leader, Boris Jitsukata, will be focusing on global business expansion as an executive board director at the HQ in Tokyo. Together with the Europe team, the two Directors will work across continents to empower companies to build global ventures with a design-driven and sustainability-focused approach. Goodpatch is guided by the value “Good design equals good business” and, with this philosophy, aims to bring a unique contribution to the venture building and design industries.

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