6 things we designed during the past 12 months

Hi there, this is Boris. In May, we celebrated the 6 Year Anniversary of the Berlin Studio of our design firm Goodpatch. It’s been a wild ride since we first opened doors here in this unique city in 2015.

I am proud of the team how everyone kept moving during the pandemic, and it is an excellent chance to look back at some of the work we did. As so often, unfortunately, we cannot show everything we are currently involved with, but here is a colourful mix of six products we designed during the last 12 months of lockdown.

Avi Medical

Avi Medical is the modern doctor you’ve always wanted. With already two doctor’s offices open in Munich, the start-up aims to elevate the patient experience and provide the best possible care by combining technology with a human touch. Goodpatch helped design the heart of the service: The app lets you manage your health and involve your doctor easily at the touch of a button.



Athena for TOYOTA Connected

The first customer for Athena is TOYOTA Connected. The Japanese automaker’s digital division has turned to Goodpatch to incorporate XR into its user research. For an initial research project, Goodpatch has tested an XR prototype with Athena, which was developed specifically for TOYOTA’s needs. Together, in this partnership, we continue to build the Athena platform. Many functions that have emerged from use cases of different teams are flowing back into the platform.

Of course, other car manufacturers can also use Athena. They can purchase a license, charged per workstation. This includes the necessary hardware such as the data glasses and software and installation, training, and support. Goodpatch also offers to work with customers to tailor XR applications, including scenarios and the preparation of vehicle data.




For baupal, a young and dynamic architecture start-up from Berlin, the challenge was to build a platform that enables homeowners to realize the dream of home improvements a lot easier. The bureaucratic steps of building projects can be confusing and exhausting for every homeowner regardless of their different needs and expertise. What’s is more, the legislative regulations vary depending on where you live. Ultimately, the challenge was to break down the complexity and create a platform where homeowners can get exactly the assistance they require.

“Having this clickable prototype helped us to identify the full potential of our product and showed us how we could solve possible weaknesses on our journey.”

Justus Menten,
Co-founder and CEO of baupal




So far, sureties have resisted any digitization. Hamburg-based start-up Trustlog, a joint venture between insurers R+V and VHV, wants to change that. The platform of the same name enables construction companies, public-sector clients, and guarantors to map the entire guarantee process digitally. An important building block for acceptance is the platform’s intuitive design — and that comes from Goodpatch. We supported Trustlog throughout the design process, from venture design, through multiple user tests, to detailed UI design of the platform.




In Japan, a Kuroco is a backstage helper of traditional theatre plays. While the show takes place on the front stage, a Kuroco makes sure that things run smoothly in the back, enabling that everything runs flawlessly and actors can focus on their performance.

This is the central concept behind Kuroco — a headless CMS that lets you focus on distributing personalized content and developing a delightful front-end without having to worry about manually updating content, correct language display, or slow performance.

Goodpatch supported Kuroco with research and design adaptation to help bring this platform to developers outside of Japan.


Goodpatch Island on WorkAdventure

To celebrate our 6 Year Anniversary with Goodpatch Berlin, we wanted to do something special. In the tradition of our annual brunch, we met up virtually on this beautifully hand-crafted Goodpatch Island. Created in Word Adventure, the fascinating pixel landscape spread the feelings of vintage game optics. You could feel the love for details, and moving in-game came the closest to random coffee machine conversations in a long time.

Huge Kudos to the team. You can check it out here:



💙 Big thanks to the whole Goodpatch Family and all of our dear clients! Your success is our success.

Follow our journey and connect on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Regarding design & venture projects, we are always interested in meeting new exciting companies. We are also never not hiring. Drop us a mail at berlin@goodpatch.com

🦠 Stay safe!

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